Care package

January 17, 2007

Yesterday I received a care package from a trusted employee which included: a 20 oz bottle of Coke, a package of Oreo cookies, a stress-release ball, a Starbucks gift card, “Toasti-toes”–a self-activating foot warmer, a bottle of mineral bath soak, and a Monday thru Friday pill caddy.

Is she trying to tell me something?


9 Responses to “Care package”

  1. Tracy said

    That’s awesome. I would have included the guidebook from “The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, with its reassuring message, “Don’t Panic,” on the cover.

  2. Sorka said

    Sounds like a mighty thoughtful and wise employee to me.

    Something like that is worth at least a couple decades of the rosary. 🙂

  3. Anonymous said

    Sounds like a terrific person to have in your corner. And yes, she is trying to tell you something.

    Why the cold tootsies?

  4. H. T. Betsey said

    I came across a site for footed adult pajamas. It is
    The cost — $25/$35 range.

    Might be a nice accompaniment to that care package.

  5. donatello said

    shes in love with god..

  6. Anonymous said

    For heaven’s sake — your employee is trying to tell you to take a break, destress, relax. You could try yoga if you have not already — a class or a tape.

    Presuming that you are delightful to work with and for, you would probably be even more delightful if you calmed down!

    Stress is contagious, you know!

  7. rev fr lw gonzales said

    A Starbucks IV would have been nice. No?

  8. Anonymous said

    Maybe she will take you out to Starbucks for a treat. Or maybe you will take all those who work for you out for a coffee break –nice for coworkers to have a break from the office. You know, it could be a bonding experience ….Yes, a Starbucks card would be great and I hope you get one. ….

    Read (past tense) a tip for you to note if you are a cappuccino drinker. Starbucks offers a “short” cappuccino — an unadvertised size that is smaller than the smallest size which is called “tall.” …. The “short” is less expensive than the “tall” — and it is much tastier, due to the proportions of espresso and steamed milk.****I tried it today out of necessity (stayed up too late, got up too early)and found it to be fabulous. Anyway, I think that I found that Starbucks info from the link-of-a-link from your blog.—-thanks!

  9. Anonymous said

    BTW — were you a particulary mischevious child? From what I can see, you have traces of it now!

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