Via Crucis

February 24, 2007

This evening a small group of parishioners gathered to pray the Stations of the Cross. It was a nice, simple reflection of prayer and song. Later, we gathered in the parish hall for a soup supper. Very nice evening indeed!


3 Responses to “Via Crucis”

  1. Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said

    Dear Fr,

    I like the name ‘overheard in the sacristy’ because my little boy Andrew who is 7 comes out with such funny stories. the latest is when he comes out shouting ‘mom, it’s Fr Paul’s Birthday & he’s 84!’. well Fr Paul is around 50 & was not so amused!
    God bless,

    & thankyou for promoting my blog..i’m going to get some help..but it’s a start..


  2. rev fr lw gonzales said

    Be sure to visit Jackie at

  3. Sorka said

    We had our stations last night too. Each friday during Lent a different parish group takes a turn leading it. For some odd reason I just can’t seem to get people agreeable to have a simple soup supper following it.

    Your parish is doing it right, Father.

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