News from Una Voce

March 13, 2007

UVA Launches Priest Training Workshops

Joint Effort with FSSP to Train Priests
to Celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass


5 Responses to “News from Una Voce”

  1. Hebdomadary said

    Infrastructure. Missals being printed, priest-training workshops…there are the things it’s going to take. Missals would get printed without the liklihood of being saleable, publishers can’t afford mistakes like that; the FSSP wouldn’t launch an effort like this and publicize it without permission, and without the reason to seek it. Being an institute of pontifical right, it sounds more like they’re following an instruction to get busy. I like the look of it. I’m praying. Hard. Thank you, Father, for keeping so on top of things.

  2. Brian Murphy said

    Are you going to avail yourself of this training Father?

  3. rev fr lw gonzales said


    I hope so. Two things stand in the way. 1. I’ll need to find a priest to replace me for the week. 2. The cost of travel and workshop. I know some financial assistance is offered, but I don’t know how much assistance is available. I’ll need more information. Thanks for asking.


  4. kms said

    Are you allowed to accept financial assistance from outside sources? (A group of families that meet weekly to pray the rosary, for example).

  5. rev fr lw gonzales said

    I will be contacting Una Voce some for more info.

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