Banned in Beijing

March 23, 2007

Several weeks ago I noticed a spike in my Site Meter statistics. I had a huge amount of hits from Beijing and other Chinese locations. Today I went to a special website to check if I was still being visited from within the Wall. Guess what! I’ve been banned by the Chairman’s cohort. It seems that the Patriotic Catholic Church of China, like some of my enemies, has no need of me. Of course, that is fine, for I am in excellent company with good, orthodox, faithful Catholics.


5 Responses to “Banned in Beijing”

  1. Anonymous said


  2. katie said

    I have just checked and mine is available in China. When I googled my blog name, there was a Chinese translation.

    I think this is funny.

    You should be proud to be banned in China. If you were banned in Boston — now that would be a problem.

  3. Anonymous said

    I would think the Chinese would love your blog. Perhaps it is a mistake that yours has been banned. Perhaps, also, it has been lumped together in a bird-of-a-feather banning. For example, all Typepad blogs have been banned.

  4. Jeffrey Smith said

    I suspect that spike in hits is what did it. I’ve been having the same thing at a couple of my blogs, lately, and now I’m on their list, too.

  5. Sorka said

    Its so sad to think that people live in a country that would ban them from reading blogs that ran counter to the party line.

    I’d like to think that your blog could have been helpful to some poor soul in China.

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