I feel pretty, oh so pretty

June 28, 2007

Ritus Narcissus:

Why Do We Sing Ourselves and Celebrate Ourselves?


4 Responses to “I feel pretty, oh so pretty”

  1. Anita Moore said

    Yay for Fr. Scalia! Like father, like son!

  2. kms said

    I had my eye-opening song moment one day while singing “I give you permission to work in my life….”

    Ummm, gee, wasn’t that nice of me to give the Holy Spirit permission?

    Sadly, I am only now realizing how much crap I know by heart. It’s time to fill my head with something better! (Palestrina, anyone?)

  3. rev fr lw gonzales said

    Yup. Those Novus Ordo diddys are real toe-tappers, aren’t they?

    Just take a look at Father’s feet during the Psalm this Sunday!

  4. 4HisChurch said

    I was inspired by your post to post a music rant on my blog. I had just posted a meme of my favorite Latin and English hymns when I saw your post. The juxtaposition of these Novus Ordo songs with the hymns I love was almost too much for me to bear.

    Palestrina, indeed!

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