Which rite is right?

July 4, 2007

You decide. Click on the image.


6 Responses to “Which rite is right?”

  1. Anonymous said

    Simply, the extraordinary way is and always will be better. fr saenz

  2. Anonymous said

    It reminds me of the old hefty bag commercial. “wimpy,wimpy,wimpy,HEFTY,HEFTY,HEFTY”

  3. Anonymous said

    Why must there be any division when it comes to Mass? I prefer, and always will, the perfectly fine “ordinary”.

    I guess that just makes me the odd person out here. I’m glad for the option of choice.

  4. Anonymous said

    DRat…I forgot to sign that comment above…

    Sorka the Ordinary.

  5. Anonymous said


    The proper rite is the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.

  6. rev fr lw gonzales said

    The Divine Liturgy is beautiful also.

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