Dominus Vobiscum

July 9, 2007

“Holy Father, Holy Father! Just one question:
What are you going to do now that you’ve signed
Summorum Pontificum?”

(Come on bloggers! Suggest a response. Share your dream.)


10 Responses to “Dominus Vobiscum”

  1. Ellen said

    “I’m going to Disney World!” What else would he say?

  2. M i g U e L said

    My next Papal Mass in St. Peter’s BASILICA shall be in the Tridentine Roman Rite…

  3. Ginny said

    Disney world of course, but Ellen beat me to it, lol

  4. Anonymous said

    “Why of course, I’m going to Disneyland!”

  5. Mike Gomez said

    I’m going shopping for a Tiara!

  6. Brian Michael Page said

    Euro Disney, of course!

  7. mashcity said

    I am going to Disneyland!!

  8. Anonymous said

    Any prizes offered for the best answer?

  9. Karen H. -- San Diego said

    Mouse ears it is! If I had the time I’d photoshop some on him.

    Many years ago a friend of mine was in the seminary when the papal nuncio visited St. Patrick’s in New York. My friend said that he was in the seminary choir, and there was a big deal of playing the Vatican National Anthem [who knew they even had one?] and then followed it up with the US National anthem. His smarta$$ friend immediately yelled out “PLAY BALL” right after the anthem. EVERYONE, including the US Cardinal present laughed, EXCEPT the nuncio, who had no idea what had happened. The Cardinal (or whomever our “top kick” was) leaned over and whispered to him. The nuncio then laughed too.

  10. Anonymous said

    “Relax for a few weeks and take lots of views on which other parts of VII have been grossly misinterpreted by ‘experts’ and reclaim the original texts for the Church.”

    Fr Ó Buaidhe

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