Lord, teach us to pray.

July 29, 2007

One of our deacons offered the following as part of his homily this morning:

Our Father

Do not say:
“Our,” if you persist in your ego.
Do not say:
“Father,” if you don’t share like a family.
Do not say:
“Hallowed be Thy Name,” if you only believe in earthly things.
Do not say:
“Thy Kingdom Come,” if you confuse it with materialism.
Do not say:
“They Will be Done,” if you won’t accept His commandments.
Do not say:
“On Earth as it is in Heaven,” if you don’t believe in His creation.
Do not say:
“Give Us This Day,” if you don’t feel compassion for the poor.
Do not say:
“Forgive Us Our Trespasses,” if you don’t forgive others.
Do not say:
“Lead Us Not into Temptation,” if you don’t avoid occasion of sin.
Do not say:
“Deliver Us from Evil,” if you don’t trust Him.
Do not say:
“Amen,” if you don’t take seriously the words of the Our Father.


One Response to “Lord, teach us to pray.”

  1. Jeffrey Smith said

    In other words, don’t pray if you’re not a saint. Not a good idea.

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