October 1, 2007

The Traditional Mass of St. Pius V/Blessed John XXII will be celebrated at St. Charles Borromeo parish every Friday morning beginning October 12, 2007.


4 Responses to “TLM in AZ”

  1. marylua5 said

    p gonazales:

    Dios padre sigua concediendo abundantes bendiciones a esta comunidad.
    que grande es dios!!

    padre gonzales,
    gracias, por esta
    alegria de saber que pronto tendremos esta bendicion con nosotros..
    Dios es infinitamente bondadoso y misericordioso.
    gracias, por tanta bendicion.

  2. Mary said

    God Bless you Father! My family has yet to attend a TLM, and we are truly looking forward to this most wonderful opportunity. You are truly a gift to the Faithful…

  3. Feisty Muse said

    What a blessing! My own pastor will be offering this liturgy regularly starting with the first Sunday of Advent. The people are grateful to those priests willing to take the time and resources to provide this beautiful and sacred, time honored, liturgy to the faithful.

  4. mashcity said

    Bravo Father, the chance for your parishners to attend a TLM once a week is wonderful. We are fortunate to have a parish near us that we can drive up for a TLM any day of the week-such a blessing-I know how thrilled your parisherns must be. God Bless you for living your vocation.

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