Wait, Watch, and See

November 23, 2007

Father Zuhlsdorf has this on WDTPRS?

According to a a communique of the Office of Pontifical ceremonies, on Petrus:

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI may use for the Saturday consistory a miter of Pius IX, with images of the Blessed Virgin and the Lord, a cope of guilded silk with a stole coming from perhaps the 16th century, with images of Sts. Peter and Paul.

On the feast of Christ the King, he will use a miter for for him and a chasuble used by John Paul II for his last consistory but made for Paul VI. The chasuble made with part of an old cope with an image of Christ the King with the three-tiered tiara, sceptre and orb.

Is seems as if theological statements are being made in the symbols of vestments.

It might be worth tuning in to see this.

Here’s the EWTN Schedule (All times Eastern USA):

From St. Peter’s Square, Consistory with Pope Benedict XVI as he elevates 23 prelates to the level of cardinal.

Sat, 11/24/07 4:30 AM Live

Sat, 11/24/07 2:00 PM Encore

Pope Benedict XVI Celebrates Holy Mass for the Feast of Christ the King with the 23 New cardinals Concelebrating and receiving the Cardinal ring.

Sun, 11/25/07 4:30 AM Live

Sun, 11/25/07 12:00 PM Encore

Mon, 11/26/07 12:00 AM Encore


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