A moment of clarity

February 4, 2008

I haven’t quoted the NCR (National unCatholic Reporter) since my pagan days at Berkeley [forgive me Father, for I knew not what I said or did], but every once-in-a-while the liberal rag has clarity as shown by John L. Allen’s opening words of this week’s commentary:

Without a doubt, the push for robust assertion of traditional Catholic identity is the most consequential mega-trend in the life of the church today, and it is also the core of Benedict XVI’s agenda as pope.”

Our eyes do not deceive us. The NCR actually printed the word “traditional”. It’s the end of the world…They sky is falling…One if by land. Two if by sea…[singing] A three-hour tour. A three-hour tour…

Quick, get me the aluminum foil. Must cover head. Must cover head.


One Response to “A moment of clarity”

  1. Jeff Miller said

    Well quoting John Allen Jr. doesn’t really count as quoting the National Catholic Reporter since he is their only sane voice.

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