Wash and Wear

February 17, 2008


PHOTO: Wringer washer and tub, Utah 1902

Washer and Dryer Raffle: The Social Committee of Saint Charles Borromeo Parish will be offering Raffle Tickets for the next three weeks for a Maytag Washer and a Maytag Dryer that have been renovated like new. Each is worth $300. Raffle tickets for the Washer will sell for $2 and Raffle Tickets for the Dryer will sell for $2. The drawing for the winner(s) will be held Sunday, the 2nd of March after the Noon Mass. You need not be present to win. All proceeds from this raffle will go toward Church renovations (fixing the leaky parish hall roof!).


4 Responses to “Wash and Wear”

  1. KMS said

    Please, please, make your font size bigger. 🙂

  2. Fr Loren Gonzales said


    I don’t know if I have that option with this new layout. I’ll try.

  3. KMS said

    I am not familiar with wordpress. Is it typical to see only one post at a time instead of scrolling down like on blogspot? I wouldn’t have a problem with the fonts if the text size on my computer could change this new site. Aging is great, ain’t it?? 😉

  4. Fr Loren Gonzales said

    Kathi, This is the only blog layout on WordPress with this type of format. The others are similar to the many blogs out there. I just wanted something different, and this is in a similar style to my personal site SoliDeo.Net

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