America! Don’t be fooled!

February 18, 2008


Image: Obama Christus | University of Chicago | by a graduate student

I usually don’t do politics–too many broken promises, hearts and people–but I couldn’t resist commenting on the charade of this new American icon.

“For many will come in my name saying, I am Christ, and they will seduce many.” — Matthew 24:5


Mozart Requiem Kyrie

February 18, 2008


Thank goodness it’s Lent

February 18, 2008


Image: Cow cartoon.

The United States Department of Agriculture recalls 143 million pounds of beef from California slaughterhouse.

Busy bees

February 18, 2008


Image: Wax figure of Pope Benedict, Madame Tussaud’s, Amsterdam

The curious gaze at the wax likeness of His Holiness. It was made at the Tussaud studio in London, England. The figure will be transported to its final destination to the Toussaud Museum in Berlin, Germany sometime in April.

Jerusalem Earthquake

February 18, 2008


Image: Earthquake damages Temple Mount

A 5.3 earthquake centered in northeastern Lebanon Friday, February 15 damaged the Temple Mount near the Mohammedan mosque leaving a six-foot deep hole. Too bad the infidel’s temple didn’t crumble to the ground.

There is Hope

February 18, 2008

Yesterday after Mass a young lady in her mid-twenties, whom I hadn’t seen before, asked me if the Traditional Latin Mass listed on the cover of the parish bulletin, was the Tridintine Mass. I responded affirmatively. She said, “Oh, that would be interesting!”

This morning at the TLMĀ  adorned in a chapel veil (available in the narthex) she knelt reverently for Holy Communion.

My heart was warmed…the fruits of Summorum Pontificum. Thank you Holy Father for this gift you’ve given to a young lamb of your flock.