Usus antiquor in Roma

February 24, 2008

One -minute video of the Entrance

Traditional Latin Mass today in Rome at Santa Maria ad Martires (The Pantheon)

Note the Lenten usage of the folded chasubles rather than dalmatic/tunicle.


4 Responses to “Usus antiquor in Roma”

  1. ashlyn said

    I had noticed the folded chasubles at the ICKSP oratory. Why are folded chasubles worn during Lent?

  2. maude and mattie said

    that photo at the top of your blog, the one with the blog name, is more than a little scary

  3. Fr Loren Gonzales said

    Traditionally, on days of penitence, the deacon and subdeacon would not wear their customary dalmatic and tunicle, (both vestments indicating joy) but rather a folded chasuble (planeta plicata)—a very ancient practice when the chasuble was not reserved to priests. The vestment would either be sewn up in the front, or actually designed so as to appear sewn up in the front. This would be worn over the normal amice, alb, cincture, and maniple and, in the deacon’s case, his diaconal stole. Liturgical legislation changed in the mid-20th century, first during the reign of Pius XII, then during the reign of Blessed John XXIII, to set aside the old folded chasubles and to use dalmatic as we see today.

  4. ashlyn said

    Thank you Father.

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