Awesome! Vision 022508

February 25, 2008


Image: The Scourging of Christ – by Antonio M. Ruiz

Angels collect the Precious Blood of Christ for our Redemption

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I usually equip myself with the current month’s Magnificat and my rosary when I spend a Holy Hour on the last Monday of every month. Today was different. I made a conscious decision to go before the Eucharistic Lord unencumbered; totally open to any message while hoping for an awesome revelation. I was not disappointed. The Lord gave me the following:

As I gazed intently upon the Sacred Host in the simple monstrance it changed into a half-circle cup held with both hands by the Lord. He offered me to drink. I drank, and drank, and drank; being satiated but at the same time thirsting for more. The cup never emptied. I handed it back to the Lord. He drank and finished the cup. I wondered why.

I then found myself at the Foot of the Cross, holding that same cup gathering the drops of His blood from His pained Hands. I gathered more from the Holy Wound on His Side. Even though He was in agony, He gently said to me, “Your sins, and the sins of the world, are expiated by this blood.”

No longer did I wonder.. then and there I knew–His Sacrifice, Once and for all.

Next, I am at the Altar of Sacrifice. I elevate the Precious Chalice containing His life-giving nectar, looking lovingly upon the Holy Victim on the Cross. “Dominus meus et Deus meus. Dominus meus et Deus meus. Dominus meus et Deus meus” escapes from my lips as I long for the Drink. I adore, then I drink.

From this moment on I vow to continue my God-given opus—the restoration of His Church–offering His Sacrifice at His Feet, leading His flock to the Mountain of the Lord with all eyes on He who reigns from the scandal of the Cross.

My eyes look upon an icon of the Mystical Supper. This “window into Heaven” confirms and brings the vision to a close.


Te dije.

February 25, 2008