Mirabile dictu | Wonderful to relate

February 26, 2008


“… At a time of diabolical disorientation in the Church, this Pope, at long last, is making serious and truly historic moves in the direction of a restoration that, mirabile dictu, have earned him the world’s nearly hysterical opposition, instead of the applause so generously bestowed upon his predecessor. The pattern of recent events is undeniable:

· the Motu Proprio, a fulcrum on which world history will undoubtedly turn;

· the Pope’s directive to correct the mistranslation of “pro multis” as “for all” in the Novus Ordo consecration formula, and the mistranslation of “Credo” as “we believe” in the Creed;

· the removal of Piero Marini as master of ceremonies at the Vatican and the abolition of his ludicrous and appalling “papal liturgies;”

· the repeal of John Paul II’s liberalization of the rules for the papal conclave, returning to the traditional requirement of a 2/3 vote;

· the coming issuance of new and stricter rules for beatification and canonization, accompanied by the near shut-down of the “saint-making factory” that operated during the prior pontificate (a stupefying 483 saints in 27 years, as compared with 14 canonizations overseen by Benedict since his election nearly three years ago);

· the Pope’s express recognition of the Institute of the Good Shepherd’s right—the right of all Catholics—to engage in “constructive criticism” of Vatican II, thereby implicitly confirming that the Council documents have deficiencies warranting criticism (deficiencies the Pope himself critiqued as Cardinal and Father Ratzinger);

· the papal admonition to the new head of the Jesuits that “total adhesion to Catholic doctrine” is expected of the order;

· the Pope’s wearing of the miter of Blessed Pius IX and his return to the usage of a papal throne, instead of the upholstered chair favored by his predecessor;

· the Pope’s celebration of Mass versus Deum in the Sistine Chapel;

· the consistent references to Benedict as “Supreme Pontiff;”

· the Pope’s abstention from the “ecumenical liturgies” and other ecumenical and interreligious spectacles of which the last Pope was so fond;

· the absence of any “cult” of Benedict, who shuns the limelight, yet is attracting more Catholics to his audiences than John Paul II did;

· the dramatic reduction in papal travel to mass events of dubious accomplishments;

· the abandonment of all references to Vatican II as a “renewal,” “springtime,” “New Pentecost” and so forth;

· the urgent petition of Anglican clergy representing 400,000 Anglicans for a return to communion with Rome, submitted directly to Benedict rather than the worse-than-useless Pontifical Council for Christian Unity, because the Anglicans know that Benedict is favorable to the reunion and hope to avoid a roadblock by the Vatican bureaucracy;

· a major thaw in relations with the Orthodox that is clearly the result of the Motu Proprio;

· the Vatican’s call for an international revival of Eucharistic adoration to combat the now-admitted crisis in the priesthood, with the project, launched December 8, to highlight the Virgin Mary’s special role as the mother of every priest…”

by Christopher A. Ferrara | Peter and the Wolves | Posted January 21, 2008 | http://www.remnantnewspaper.com


2 Responses to “Mirabile dictu | Wonderful to relate”

  1. Michael said

    God grant him success in his efforts and a pontificate of many happy years.

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