February 27, 2008


Image: The Mass of Saint Gregory | Yesenbrandt

During Monday’s vision as I was standing at the Foot of the Cross at the Altar of Sacrifice, the veiled tabernacle was, of course, before me on the mensa.

Later that evening (in real space and time) I moved the tabernacle from it’s pillar in the sanctuary to the rear-center of the Altar.

With the tabernacle before me, I celebrated yesterday’s and today’s Masses–the Traditional and Revised–ad Deum, and felt a greater sense of fulfillment of my vocation as shepherd. The assembled faithful and I were at the Cross of Jesus with the Eucharistic Lord, journeying to the New Jerusalem. Being there, we transcended the limitations of the world and joined the Heavenly Hosts, praising our God whom reigns from His Throne of the Cross.

I am convinced that if more priest’s said Holy Mass ad Deum, with no distractions before them, they would live the Sacrifice more fully, and more vocations would be realized by the young men serving at the altar.


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