Subtle as a snake

February 28, 2008


Please read this opinion piece.


4 Responses to “Subtle as a snake”

  1. Patricia said

    That is sickening!

  2. Rob said

    Yes, Barack Obama is evenmore liberal than Clinton. I almost think it doesn’t come from a liberal “ideology” (one that can be buttressed philosophically) but rather just from the total absence of morality in my generation. We are, many of us, the children of baby boomers who threw off the ‘old morality’, and we were raised without even a reference point. Obama is, perhaps, a little old to be included in Gen-X, but I think he essentially holds our moral viewpoint: that is, he has no morals.

    I agree with Patricia: sickening.

  3. Fr Loren Gonzales said

    Rob, I like your blog very much. May I add it to my blogroll?

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