…and he worshiped Him.

March 1, 2008


“He put clay on my eyes, and I washed, and now I can see.”


3 Responses to “…and he worshiped Him.”

  1. Liam said

    The blind man is a wonderful example of free will. Christ not only puts the curative mud on his eyes but, then gives him instructions to follow or not. What restored the sight? God using the matter he created to heal his creation,the pool of siloam, plain grace unattached to material components, faithful obedience of the blind man. A synergy of all these elements? So that earthly things are the straw we can grasp in the presence of the infinite.

    What if the man hadn’t gone to the pool? God is not mocked his plan goes on, would the man be healed anyway? Did it have to be this man or would another’s fiat have sufficed? Heaven is our reward for faithful obedience, should we therefore embrace what good or ill befalls us with a certain ambivalence? Knowing either is not a measurement of God’s love for us? Since equally we are all his children.

  2. Fr Loren Gonzales said


    Outstanding reflection!

  3. I live with a man going blind…my husband 🙂

    Yes, there’s lots of lessons..mostly that this
    sucks, could be worse and generally “life goes on.”

    We carry our cross, that’s our vocation.

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