Sacred Spuds

March 11, 2008


I just finished reading the New Oxford Book Review, “Our Pantheistic Sisters”, February 2008 By Anne Barbeau Gardiner review of Green Sisters: A Spiritual Ecology by Sarah McFarland Taylor. Harvard University Press.

While reading I was reminded of last year’s statement-proclamation of a womyn religious one morning before Holy Mass, when she joyfully and ecstatically exclaimed, “For me everything is Eucharist! That tree, the sky, the birds, you and I! We are all Eucharist!”

I gasped. I grimaced at the blasphemy, and nearly rent my shirt. (Where’s my Zoloft?)

Ms. Gardiner writes in part:

“Green sisters eat organic food because they think it still has the divine life-force in it. Sr. Wild explains that the important thing is the “spirit of the food” we eat: “I go for quality of Spirit in my food.” Eating dinner for her is a daily “eucharist” with the “body of the earth and sun.” Similarly, Sr. Miriam MacGillis remarks, “If we truly saw the Divine in a potato,” we would not commit the “sacrilege” of “turning it into Pringles.” Since they consider it already blessed and a “manifestation of the Divine,” green sisters do not bless their food. Hard to believe, but some actually “ask the food to bless them.”


Doubtless the most egregious departure from Catholic Tradition is the Earth Meditation Trail at Genesis Farm, which has been imitated across the land. The Trail is made of “stations” to evoke, in Taylor’s words, “the Catholic paraliturgical activity of walking the ‘stations of the cross.'” It is a “series of prayer stations” that depicts not Christ’s Passion, but “the earth’s Passion.”

Her review is worth your time; when you’re finished, pray for the souls of these “sisters”.


6 Responses to “Sacred Spuds”

  1. Liam said

    Father, I only read the whole thing because it’s Lent. I’ll refrain from comment on this one, as I’m torn between scorn and pity.

    P.S. I want the inquisition back.

  2. Yes, it’s absurd.
    I think it speaks to an emptiness in ones own vocation. You look everywhere, but interiorly, turn to everything but God.

    Though the poet in me, does acknowledge the world around me, I do see the Divine in say a potato. The Pope just reminded us of our stewardship of the earth.

    I think some of us are a bit more earthy, that women religious have been lost in the shuffle, and so we have cults to the potato.

    Trad. orders are bringing women back, but still much must be done to remove misogny from the Church. It is rampant.

  3. ken88 said

    Hey, glad you liked that pic for the header. Looks Good!

  4. Patricia said


  5. Fr Loren Gonzales said


    Your blog is fantastic. I love all of the photos, especially the vintage. I am one of your readers who would have suffered without your archives.

  6. ken88 said

    Thank you Father

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