Digital Dolente

March 17, 2008


This morning between Masses I proceeded to do a little “work” on the Low Mass candlesticks and candles. Well, the scissors slipped and attacked my hand in three places. I bled like a lamb led to slaughter. I was reminded of Monty Python’s, “It’s just a flesh wound,” as the sliced finger oozed blood with every beat of my heart. Thanks to the quick help of Deacon Joseph we were able to slow the bleeding enough to get through the next Mass…tourniquet! Still bleeding after an hour, I decided it was time to get myself to urgent care. After a tetanus shot, butterfly strips, adhesive (the cut was too close to my fingernail for stitches), gauze, bandages, finger guard and $262, I made my way back to the scene of the crime. Such passed my Monday morning of Holy Week.

Four years ago I survived the Sacred Seven Days with pneumonia. Two years ago I survived Hebdomadae Sanctae with a bleeding ulcer. Nothing short of death will keep me from these holy days. Lungs full of fluid, a hole in my stomach, and a scratch on my finger is nothing compared to the Passion.

(I had to make a quick trip back to urgent care late afternoon for some pain meds. I thought I could tough-it-out. [Can you say, wimp?] Oh, well, that’s what medical science is for. I’m going to sleep well tonight. Lots of work in the Vineyard of the Lord in the coming days!)


5 Responses to “Digital Dolente”

  1. arrow said

    However, the anecdote could be a lead-in to a fabulous sermon.
    Be careful out there!

  2. Fr Ray said

    Ouch indeed! Try getting the wax off the candlesticks (if that was the sport being persued) by taking them outside and pouring boiling water over them. If that is not dangerous enough you could always try a good scalding for a change. That doesn’t seem to be on your list of sufferings. But there’s always next year!

  3. Fr Loren Gonzales said

    Mystery solved: It was Fr. Gonzales in the sacristy with a candlestick.

  4. Sorka said

    Ahhh my friend, I share with you the need to immerse myself in Holy Week too. I have spent way too much time at the hospital for tests this week. We know what it isn’t but I am still in a bit of pain and nauseated. I was mostly fearful that I would have to miss the sacred Triduum. There are 16 people in our RCIA that look to me to lead them to the Easter Mysteries. Of course, any one in my team could take my place in an instant but…well, you know how it is, ya just gotta be there.
    I do have to wonder if any of your parishioners are thinking you have a misplaced partial stigmata in that hand of yours.

  5. Fr Loren Gonzales said


    Take care of yourself. If you’re not well, it’s tough to minister. Rest when you can.

    I loved the Triduum…Christianity 101 in three days!

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