Mmmmm, cāseus

March 28, 2008

Vatican City, 28 March (AKI) – Pope Benedict XVI is a big fan of buffalo mozzarella cheese, and eats it often reported Italian daily Il Messaggero on Friday.

Pope Benedict XVI reportedly likes simple dishes and often receives buffalo mozzarella cheese as a gift from bishops from the Campania region in southern Italy where the best buffalo mozzarella is produced.

The cheese is given to Benedict’s policemen, who later ‘discreetly’ take the cheese to his apartment, Il Messaggero reported…

In the supermarket located inside Vatican City, the dairy section is full of mozzarella cheese products from the southern region of Campania.

Reportedly, the cheese is prized among priests and nuns who visit the supermarket everyday to restock convents, institutes and monasteries.

The cheese, prized for its subtle flavour, costs twice as much as mozzarella made with cows’ milk. It is eaten on top of pizza and also alongside prosciutto or with sliced tomatoes and basil.

Reportedly, and mozzarella cheese is often found in his plate, said Il Messaggero.

(Thanks to Thomas Peters at American Papist for this link.)

Insalata Caprese (mozzarella, tomato, and basil)


2 Responses to “Mmmmm, cāseus”

  1. James said

    That’s what I’m having for lunch. But sadly, not with Pope Benedict.

  2. Anonymous said

    When in Rome…or anywhere there is fresh basil, ripe tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella…Delicious and healthy!

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