One Million Rosaries May 3

March 28, 2008


Wanted: One million Americans to pray pro-life Rosary

Memphis, Tenn., Mar 28, 2008 / 03:29 am (CNA).- The Saint Michael the Archangel Organization is attempting to organize one million people in the United States to pray the Rosary for unborn babies on Saturday, May 3.

Organizers of the prayer event, called One Million Rosaries for Unborn Babies, are asking participants to pray during the same 60-minute time span, beginning at 9 a.m. Eastern Time.

Patrick Benedict, President of the Saint Michael the Archangel Organization, said, “The primary way to stop the killing of unborn babies is not by way of politics and is not by way of education.”

“The person battling the ‘Culture of Death’ is primarily in a spiritual battle and needs to use spiritual weaponry,” he continued.

“The Rosary is a powerful spiritual weapon, and I hope there will be at least one million people in the United States taking hold of their Rosaries on May 3.”

The organization is asking Pope Benedict XVI to re-establish the practice of offering prayers such as the Hail Mary and the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel after Mass. The organization also asks that these prayers be offered for the intention of ending the surgical and non-surgical killing of unborn babies.

Participants can register for the event at


4 Responses to “One Million Rosaries May 3”

  1. Rubi said

    This is absolutely a wonderful idea! The rosary is a powerful, powerful tool. And you are right. This is a spiritual matter. Thank you so much for the information and link to the Saint Michael Archangel Organization.

  2. Tristan said

    Thank you, I will pass this along to my pastor as well.

  3. Sorka said

    I’m going to see what I can do to pass the word on and encourage others to join with me in this important prayer. Thanks for passing on the news, Padrecito.

  4. Mar Cochran said

    We will be praying in St. Louis MO on Sat morn.

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