Benedict the Reformer

April 8, 2008


3 Responses to “Benedict the Reformer”

  1. Anonymous said

    That’s like pre and post Fr. Loren Gonzales at SCB!

  2. Fr Loren Gonzales said

    A vision of the Church Triumphant here on earth.

    Gone are the tie-dyed, Age of Aquarius, navel gazing, self-involved, aging hippies (I saw one today).

    Back is the solemn, dignified, reverential worship reserved for God alone.

    Come on Church Militant, let’s get on our knees and pray for forgiveness for the liturgical abuse endured by so many well-intentioned Catholics these past 40 years.

    Don’t forget to pray for the Church Suffering–those poor souls in Purgatory who await the fullness of the Redemption made a reality by our Risen Lord.

  3. Fr Loren Gonzales said

    Isn’t it great that the images of Pope Benedict are now out-of-date since the modernist staff has been replaced. We are moving rather quickly than the Church’s slow-moving rota.

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