Head honchos get ponchos

April 12, 2008

Gee, the only time we get thousands of people at Mass is when we give out ashes or palms. Maybe we should go for the 46,000 and add goody bags!

What! No bobblehead dolls? Thanks to Curt Jester for this:

DC Mass-goers will Receive Gift Bags

The Archdiocese of Washington announced on Thursday that the 46,000 people attending Mass at Nationals Park will be receiving gift bags. The contents?

A printed copy of the Mass program; a copy of the Magnificat magazine; and a Vatican flag.

The 5,600 people sitting on the field (mostly clergy, nuns, and monks) will receive some additional goodies, including a poncho (in case of rain), a Pope Benedict XVI prayer card, and a bottle of water and granola bar-like snack. This is because access to concessions will be limited for those on the field. The snacks, the Archdiocesan press release says, were donated by Nathan Miller, owner of BK Miller, and the water was donated by Coca Cola. The bags were stuffed by volunteers, many of them members of the Knights of Columbus and archdiocesan seminarians.


2 Responses to “Head honchos get ponchos”

  1. A reader said

    With all those water bottles, sure hope access to restrooms isn’t limited!

    Wait! Didn’t a major U>S> news agency report Father G’s conpadre, Hillary Clinton, donated extra women’s porta-potties?

  2. Alli said

    Oh wow, even granola bars for a pre-Communion snack (or a post-Communion chaser). GOODY.

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