Each in his own tongue

April 17, 2008

Oh, I get it now:

“Y sin embargo, cada quien los oye hablar de las maravillas de Dios en su propia lengua.”

Some 48,000 Catholics attend Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI at the new Nationals Park in Washington, DC.


3 Responses to “Each in his own tongue”

  1. Sorka said

    Okay, lets see if I have a good translation of this: You know I have no habla espanol nor Latin.
    “We embargo sin. something something is marvelous to God in the proper tongue. Oye!”

    I bet you are very glad I don’t live in AZ.


  2. Rob said

    We embargo sin! LOL

    Loosely translated, it’s a way of saying “of course”. It’s a phrase used at the beginning of sentences without much meaning when it stands alone. More directly translated, it would be “And without embargo (barrier? Blockade?)”

  3. It occurs to me – next time around B16 should come to the heartland and celebrate Mass at Ohio Stadium – we can pack in 102,329 – not counting the field…a $15 “love offering” for each ticket… hmmmm

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