April 20, 2008

I just spent nearly $60 in gasoline to fill my tank!

Oreo and I are buying this. He can drive, and I’ll ride in the basket.


3 Responses to “&%$#@!”

  1. I have a little car… it can travel 200 miles on one tankful. The last time I filled my tank, Saturday, it cost me £35 – that’s $70. Petrol here in the UK is over $2 a litre, and has been for some time…

  2. A reader said

    A Fred Flinstone car would work, too. That way you could propel the car with your feet and give Oreo a break. … If you have Oreo drive you around in that current contraption, you two will look like an environmentally correct version of Driving Miss Daisy. (Kind of.)

  3. I am fortunate to live next to a grocery store, work from home, and live on a useful busline. As part of a radical savings plan I have opted to garage the car for two years to avoid car insurance and fuel costs… I am 7 months from driving again, and at $45 a month for a bus pass, I am not so sure I am all that anxious to pay for gasoline again!

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