S. Pio V;

April 30, 2008

Ora Pro Nobis.

Today is the Feast of this great and saintly Vicar of Christ. With valor, he invoked Our Lady in the world’s battle against the infidel Mohammedans. With paternal care, he (and St. Charles Borromeo) established seminaries. With conviction, he condemned the apostates and heretics of the Protestant revolt. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, he united and regularized the Sacred Rites of the One, True Church of God. Upon election as Supreme Pontiff, he did not put aside his Dominican habit to take on papal vesture, thus initiating the distinctive white garb of the past 500 years. The Lord gave him the task of implementing the decrees of the great Council of Trent. He gave the world the Catholic identity. May his successor, Pope Benedict XVI continue restoring this identity. May Catholics today be obedient to His Holiness as the Catholics of ages past.

Mmmmm. Cake.


One Response to “S. Pio V;”

  1. A reader said

    Cool cake and marzipan* saint.

    *What else could it be?

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