(AGI) – Vatican City, May 29 – A woman being consecrated as priest besides being invalid, automatically leads to the excommunication of the consecrating bishop and the consecrated woman. A decree issued by the Congregation for Religious Doctrine published today by the ‘Osservatore Romano‘ establishes this. “The Congregation for Religious Doctrine, to protect the nature and validity of the sacrament of the holy order, in virtue of the special faculty to be consecrated by the supreme authority decrees that both the one trying to consecrate a woman in the holy order, and the woman who has tried to receive the holy order, will be excommunicated ‘latae sententiae‘, reserved to the Apostolic See”. Such decree is true for all rites in communion with Rome. The text continues that “if he who has tried to consecrate a woman in the holy order or if the woman who has tried to receive the holy order is a faithful subject of the Code of the Rules of the Oriental Churches, he or she will be punished by excommunication, pardon can only be given by the Apostolic See”. The decree, specifies the former Holy See, “will come into immediate force from the moment of publication in the ‘Osservatore Romano‘”.



May 29, 2008

Deo Gratias

May 23, 2008

Bishop and Servers

115 young people received the Sacrament of Confirmation this evening at St Charles Borromeo, and about 60 of those received their First Holy Communion. Bishop Olmsted, our Ordinary, was the Celebrant.

No Pantsuits Here

May 22, 2008

Real women religious take part in a candle-lit Corpus Domini procession, led by Pope Benedict XVI, between the basilicas San Giovanni in Laterano and Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome May 22, 2008.

Due Reverence

May 22, 2008

Those receiving Holy Communion from the Pope at this morning’s Corpus Domini Mass at St John Lateran Square received on the tongue kneeling.

Pope Benedict XVI presides over the Solemn Mass and Eucharistic Procession of Corpus Christi, live from Rome. Thursday 5/22/08 1:00 PM ET & 10 AM PT (Live) and Thursday 5/22/08 11:30 PM ET & 8:30 PM PT (Encore)

My TLM server came into the sacristy this a.m. with an interesting account of what he had just experienced.

While filling-up at the gas station, a woman approached him with a gas can, and asked him if he could help her out. He was able to fill her little gas can with two gallons. What has this nation come to?

I was reminded of the early Mel Gibson 1979 Mad Max film. [The story is set in Australia in the near future, depicting a poorly-funded police unit called the Main Force Patrol, which struggles to protect the Outback’s few remaining townspeople from violent motorcycle gangs. The film depicts the future Australia as a bleak, impoverished society that is facing a breakdown of civil order caused by widespread oil shortages.]


Mmmmm. Skittles.

May 18, 2008