It’s Easy Being Green

June 18, 2008

My new ride, a Vespa GTS, will be delivered sometime next week. At today’s gasoline prices, around $4.15 in the metro Phoenix area, this little vehicle is going to get me 75 to 90 mpg. It will pay for itself in about a year. The Chrysler 300 will be taking longer naps.


3 Responses to “It’s Easy Being Green”

  1. Sorka8 said

    Oh lucky lucky you! Thats exactly what I would LOVE to own. My very own Vespa. Only I need it in a cooler color. Black at least matches your clerics.

    Very smart of you…but I am sure Oreo is less than pleased.

  2. annonymous said

    A sidecar for Oreo? A basket? A snugglie?

    Remember to wear a helmut. Oreo, too.

  3. Father, I hope you will be wearing a helmet!

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