Astronomical News! Saturn Blocks Sun

June 20, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI, wearing a ‘Saturno’ hat, inspired by the ringed planet Saturn, acknowledges faithful during his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, Wednesday, June 18, 2008. The pontiff sometimes wears the ‘Saturno’ hat to shield himself from the sun.


2 Responses to “Astronomical News! Saturn Blocks Sun”

  1. Sorka said

    Don’t you have one of these hats to add to your clerical satorial splendor? Surely, you must have something other than the clerical cupcake!

    Actually, only three things would ever make me go back and get my masters.
    1. That splendid red robe with the black velvet stripes
    2. That awesome red four corner muffin hat with tassles
    3. Have people call me Doctor!

  2. Sorka said

    Edit time…As you know, I already have my masters. What I meant to say was “get my doctorate”


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