SSPX May Accept Reconciliation

June 23, 2008

Pope Opens Arms to Lefebvre Followers

(AGI) – Vatican City, 23 June – “Never before like in this moment have the talks between the Holy See and the followers of Monsignor Lefebvre are close to an agreement which would heal the mini-rift made about twenty years ago, allowing for the full re-entry of Lefebvre followers into Catholic communion.” This was said by Giornale Vatican specialist Andrea Tornielli, who said that the San Pio X fraternity have only put down the conditions of the acceptance of the Second Vatican Council the declaration of full validity of the mass as reformed liturgy: things underwritten by Monsignor Marcel Lefebvre with former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in 1988. The Vatican, according to what has been revealed by Tornielli, offers the traditionalist group a canonical classification similar to that of Opus Dei, meaning a “prelature”, which would make it possible for the fraternity to continue its activities and train its seminaries.

The cause of the change was last year, when Bendict XVI said that the old form of mass was entirely valid, and that there was the existence of a special Roman rite (the ancient one) and an ordinary one (the reformed one). In addition, Pope Ratzinger re-introduced the cross at the centre of the altar, began giving communion to the faithful kneeling, and brought back ancient paramento: all of which are signs that go towards underscoring a continuity of tradition. Many Lefebvrians, now that they have the right to conduct mass in old liturgy, do not understand why the fraternity does not make peace once and for all with Rome, with the risk,” wrote Tornielli, “of becoming a sectarian little group lacking any influence whatsoever.”


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